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Coaching Training Shadow CE

A selection of companies that we HAVE mentored:


Future success is not built on past performance

We develop unique training plans, deliver tailored training, and coach individuals, teams and business to build future success by integrating new tools and ways of looking at the world.

The companies, teams and individuals we mentor come from raw startup, often with just the kernel of an idea, up to C-suite executives managing multinational businesses.

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The right Management team for startups are the founders. However they do not always have all of the skills required to run their business. We provide the executive level management support they need in the background as they build their business, grow early customers and meet investors. 

We also work with mature companies that are undergoing transition, supporting executive teams, filling in for executive roles, mentoring and advising executives and managers during change.

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coaching + MENTORING

Business coaching - business development, hearing customers, generating growth, making stuff happen and effective governance.

Targeted skills coaching with individuals.

High-performance coaching with teams.

Tools to embed coaching practices in businesses.

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We provide highly tailored training and develop organisational training matrices to businesses in pursuit of their growth and execution goals, specifically: hearing customers, decision-making, post-2015 marketing, manufacturing adaptation, implementing change and communication.

We have worked with hundreds of individuals to increase their presentation confidence and investor pitching.

Great coaching, mentoring and training supported by modern mobile tools

We work with Bowerbase coaching tools to facilitate company-wide staff mentoring that everyone can use anywhere. Performance can be visualised, success rewarded and ongoing interaction is facilitated by easy to use and simple apps.

We work with OpenTute to develop highly structured and targeted training programs, with which we are able to rapidly deploy video, documentation, self-review, and text and competency questioning into the training modules and track uptake.