Customer Driven Business Planning has been developed in partnership with Flinders University and the New Venture Institute

Taught at Flinders University as "Business Planning for New Ventures" and tailored training packages as "Customer Voices"

... an unprecedented level of dynamism compared with any previous strategic planning and consultancy engagement I have been a participant with in the past. The experience challenged our organisation both at a practical and cultural level. While the process at times was uncomfortable due to its confronting nature, it delivered outcomes that met our goals of seeking improvement. The results confirmed many of our assumptions and anecdotal observations about our organisation but also provided potential steps to be taken to grow our relevance and value. A truly worthwhile and recommended experience that has delivered well above our expectations in terms of the investment.
— Matthew Moate, EO Wine Industry Suppliers Australia
This topic challenged my thinking from day one. It was in-depth, daunting and pushed me out of my comfort zone more times than I can count, but the result was invaluable. It shaped me into a professional and introduced me to the industry.
— Liana (undergrad 2016)
This subject has shown me the ‘real’ side of business and taught me how to implement everything I’ve learned over the years into a real life experience
— Aimy (undergrad 2016)
I loved business planning for new ventures, because it was the first university topic for me that utilised the latest theories and business practices pioneered by companies like Google and then delivered them into an engaging format where we got to work with a real company to improve their business. It brought my learning to a new level through allowing us to collaborate directly with business.
— Tom (undergrad 2016)
What a refreshing experience in learning! This topic takes a step away from traditional framework teachings and guides us on journey to new interactive learning about a concept that promotes innovation
— Michelle (undergrad 2016)

Create GREAT connections with customers...

Creating connections with customers and consumers is the business moat of right now. All of the new media platforms and tools have changed not only the rules, but also the battlefields of customer engagement.

To be successful you must hear customer voices and learn how to create genuine and abiding connection with them.

We created Customer-Driven Business Planning to show you tools that have either been developed or matured in the mobile, post-social and right-now environment in which we must now operate.

We utilise the following tools:

  • Value proposition design

  • Design Sprints

  • Jobs-to-be-done

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Business model design

  • Growth Hacking

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