customers & marketing


customers & marketing

Marketing, customer engagement and value-chains have changed dramatically in the last 5 years and have become confusing .

We provide integrated customer engagement services and have brought together an array of expertise to help you achieve great customer experiences.


finding and connecting with customers

Finding and exciting customers is harder than ever. Social/web have introduced new ways of interacting, increasing the need to be truly authentic in building effective relationships.

Being effectively targeted is more critical and more difficult. As a strategic provider, we help to identify & develop your customer experience, who you need to connect with, where they are and how you will connect.

We provide:   experience design, sensory evaluation, value proposition design, product development, customer interviews, customer journey mapping and growth hacking plans.

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We use customer journey to help understand how customers experience products and services and the points at which particular types of intervention, sales and marketing activity will support customer attraction, activation and re-activation. We utilise a pre-experience/experience/post experience model as a framework for developing our understanding of customer journeys.

We have been applying customer journey mapping in a range of tourism projects, starting from the point of initial contact with the operation, through to creating ambassadors, building lifetime value and increasing re-purchasing.



We use two approaches to value proposition design, either a workshopped process of mapping products and services to customer needs to ensure that benefits and features resonate. This supports the effective product design and creating cost effective development paths.

We also utilise pitching as a process of our customers writing, speaking and hearing their own propositions. This helps to eliminate cliches and tighten up the understanding of just what you have to offer that is unique or special.

Either way, we end up with a proposition that can be easily described to customers and implemented through targeted product development./

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We deliver extraordinary visitor impact analysis for restaurants, cellar doors and regional tourism . We are able to utilise simple, cheap and easy to install technology to measure visitor movement.

The very simple locational data combined with point-of-sale (POS) and other networked devices can provide a wide range of information to understand consumer engagement, carrying capacity, bounce rates and most profitable customers/suppliers.

We can analyse visitor pathways through attractions and regions, regional entry points, last and next- visited locations, customer value, potential income from future investment, effectiveness of opening hours, staff performance and when to implement hyperlocal marketing.


We utilise a range of tools for customer sentiment analysis to determine what customers adn commen tators are saying on social media and the web impact, identifying causes of negative and positive sentiment, analysing campaign impact and identifying events that have had positive and negative effects on brands.

We have been featured by IBM for the use of their tools in social engagement analysis, which can be found here. and have provided a range of tourism and product companies with analysis on their overall impact, benchmarked them against competitors, identified which media events, influencers and commenters/reviewers are impacting their brand.

We use this to help customers improve their storytelling and targeting.

Global pricing

We help customers see how their product is priced in global markets. We compare competitor product prices in specific markets, track global pre-tax price spreads, benchmark product bundles in multiple markets.

We can also identify discounting on brands compared to competitors as an early signal for change in market value proposition, compare supplier prices received to market product prices and review country and regional value proposition changes as reflected in consumer price changes over time.

 We have developed models and databases for premium wine, luxury wine, bottled water, gins and whiskeys.

product placement

Through a partnership with WTFN and Fred, we can support product placement strategies for TV, movies and lifestyle programming. Think Heinekin, Bollinger and Omega in the James Bond movies, but targeted to your audience in a way that matches your needs and budget. 

Our three core areas of product placement are: Lifestyle television show partnering, traditional paid TV and movie product placement and late stage financing opportunities.